4 Avoidable Laminate Flooring Mistakes to Maximize Its Lifespan

4 Avoidable Laminate Flooring Mistakes to Maximize Its Lifespan

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Laminate floorings are among the most popular flooring material options for many homeowners. They provide a modern appeal alongside timeless functionality. Laminate floorings are also very affordable and not at all complicated to install.

As with anything, however, homeowners tend to overlook specific details that significantly harm the condition of their flooring. If you want to get the best out of your flooring material, you need to take careful, preventative measures to maximize its lifespan. 

Here are some avoidable laminate flooring mistakes you should keep in mind to keep your floors in good condition for as long as possible:

1 – Using The Wrong Bottled Cleaners

It may seem like the most beautifully packaged bottled cleaner from the hardware store will be best for the job. The fancier it looks, the more effective it is, right? Well, that’s not exactly the case. Bottled cleaners contain a unique mix of chemicals, and certain mixtures can create adverse reactions when they come in contact with specific materials. Before purchasing a cleaner, make sure that the one you choose is laminate-compatible and won’t discolour or fade your flooring.

2 – Using Too Much Water

Water is a key ingredient for almost any cleaning job, even when it comes to laminate floors. However, it’s important to keep in mind that an excess of water can cause your floors to warp or bend. Laminate floors have creases, and while they may not be too obvious, water can seep into the cracks. When that happens, the moisture will accumulate over time and result in warping.

Just a small amount of water will suffice for cleaning. Wring out your mop well and if you’re using a cleaner, read the instructions and ensure you’re using the right solution-to-water ratio. Using too much water could render your cleaner ineffective.

3 – Failing To Pad Furniture Legs

Your furniture is what gives your home its style and personality. Pairing your laminate floors with the perfect sofa set can upgrade its look considerably. While your furniture can complement your floors, they can also damage them unless you use some form of padding to soften their contact.

Placing your furniture directly on top of your laminate floors can, over time, scratch or abrade it. It’s smart to pad all your furniture legs with rubber, felt, or silicon protectors that you can easily find at the home improvement store. They won’t cost very much and will make your laminate floors last much longer!

4 – Overlooking Other Factors That Can Damage Your Floors

It’s common for homeowners to realize too late that seemingly innocent things are damaging their floors. But if you put some thought into the design and placement of everything in each room, you may spot an issue before it causes lasting damage to your flooring. 

Sunlight, your pet’s food, and even certain houseplants can dull, tarnish, and stain your laminate floors. You can keep the damage from occurring by proactively installing blinds or curtains and closing them to prevent sunlight from getting in when it’s not needed. You also want to put down a pad where your pet eats and avoid overwatering your plants to prevent your planters from leaking. Simple things like this can extend your flooring’s lifespan considerably!


Laminate floors provide your home with a simplistic, yet luxurious feel. To ensure your investment stays in good condition, avoid the common mistakes above and watch your flooring serve you well for years to come!

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