5 Aesthetic Tips for Improving Your Commercial Flooring – Our Guide

5 Aesthetic Tips for Improving Your Commercial Flooring – Our Guide

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Flooring is an essential part of your interior space. You might think that not many people care too much about flooring, however, in actuality flooring can significantly impact the appearance of your area. Additionally, your commercial flooring can make a statement. It may somehow reflect how your company works and what working environment it has.

Now that younger entrepreneurs are breaking the norm of how an office should look, many of them try to make their spaces inviting through flooring designs. The question is, how can you achieve high-quality and aesthetically-pleasing commercial flooring?

Tip #1: Get environmentally-friendly floor material

Believe it or not, sustainability is the new “it” aesthetic. More and more people are getting environmentally conscious, and as such, many construction material companies are making sustainable products, including the flooring manufacturing industry.

This is the best time to incorporate sustainable materials in your commercial space. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it will be both durable and helpful to the environment.

Tip #2: Install an entrance matting system

Most people tend to ignore this aspect, but safety is an essential factor that you should consider when buying flooring materials. Additionally, safety is part of any government’s building regulations and standards. One safety measure that you can introduce to your commercial space is installing an entrance matting system.

You can buy a made-to-measure entrance matting system if you want to cover a specific area. Square-cut matting systems are also available on any hardware store. These pre-cut ones are ideal for forming a particular design or pattern on your building or office entrance. Typically, entrance matting systems come in a gray colour, but you can also get coloured ones that have patterns on it as well.

Tip #3: Add some pop of colour or a pattern

Gone are the days when commercial and office spaces are dull and boring. Today, as more and more younger individuals enter the workplace, business owners, and most notably, young entrepreneurs are making their spaces vibrant and aesthetically appealing.

To attract younger talents in your space or make your current staff more motivated, incorporate flooring that has eye-catching designs that utilize geometric shapes, eye-relaxing colours, and bold patterns. Just make sure that it isn’t too distracting; otherwise, it could ruin the professionalism of your workspace.

Tip #4: Look for a durable and low-maintenance material

No matter how good your flooring design is, if it looks frail and poorly made, then it’s probably not a good investment. As much as possible, you want your flooring to look presentable at all times. To achieve that, use highly-durable and low-maintenance material.

High-traffic spaces are prone to wearing and tearing of floors, so make sure that you get a material that can withstand such an environment. Getting low-maintenance flooring material also helps as you won’t need to put so much effort into keeping it clean. Look into the manufacturer’s specification documentation. If you see a “Class 33,” that means the material has high-durability. Also, review its stain resistance and colour fastness before you purchase.

Tip #5: Use designer vinyl and carpet tiles

To top it all off, install designer vinyl or carpet tiles to some areas of your commercial space. It is ideal for receiving areas, lounge areas, hallways, conference halls, or even in pantries, as this adds elegance and coziness to your space.

Some of these may be expensive, but it is indeed a good investment for your commercial space as they look classy and contribute positively to the overall aesthetic of your space. Plus, vinyl and carpet tiles will make your area look professional yet welcoming to both your staff and your clients.


Flooring can significantly change the tone and appearance of your commercial space. As younger talents enter the workplace, business owners try to provide a working space where they can be comfortable and motivated. However, the aesthetics of a space doesn’t solely pertain to its design. It also considers the sustainability, safety, and durability of the material.

At Byrver, we provide high-quality flooring in Ware. Get in touch with us today for plenty of design options for flooring, and professional floor fitting and installation!


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